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Bailey, Finn & Misty- NC Equine Photographer

“She loves the thrill of the ride, and the romance of adventure, she sings a melody in her heart that only her horse knows the tune.  But most of all she is a little girl who fell in love with a horse and never looked back…”  ~Author Unknown For Bailey’s equine portrait session we were […]

Amanda & Joe- A Country Club Wedding

“Alone we are fine; but when we’re two, we are eternal” ~Joshua Radin {Lovely Tonight Lyrics} This amazingly sweet, fun, and good looking couple married last June at Hope Valley Country Club in Durham, NC.  I am fortunate enough to know Amanda on a personal level as she and I were college sorority sisters.  We […]

McCauley & Bonnie- NC Equine Photographer

 “Let a horse whisper in your ear and breath on your heart.  You will never regret it.”  ~Anonymous I was fortunate to meet McCauley’s mother, Janet, while photographing a wedding.  She was the wedding planner for the event and somehow horses ended up in our conversation and things took off from there!  While Janet is […]

Emily, Cowboy & Smarty- NC Equine Photographer

 “The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.” ~Arabian Proverb I had a lot of fun during Emily’s equine portait session with her horses Cowboy and Smarty.  Emily is a senior in high school and is not only extremely intelligent, but an outgoing, full of life, beautiful, horse loving young woman! […]

Edmund- Portraits of a Southern Gentleman

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” ~Rachel Zoe Edmund is the son of a good friend of mine.  I was fortunate enough to take some portraits of his gorgeous sister Anna Beavon a couple of years ago and then get him in front of the camera here recently! […]

Devon & Gracie- NC Equine Photographer

“Riding is a partnership.  The horse lends you his strength, speed and grace, which are greater than yours.  For your part, you give him guidance, intelligence and understanding which are greater than his. Together you can achieve a richness that neither can alone.” ~Lucy Rees Meet my next equine portrait participants, Devon & Gracie.  They […]