Molly & Shawn- A Beautiful NC Family Estate Wedding

“‘Cause all of me, loves all of you.” ~John Legend

Even though this beautiful couple’s wedding took place over a year ago (to all future wedding clients reading this, I was on maternity leave in 2015 so I did not take on any weddings!), the memories I have from their day are still crystal clear.  I loved everything about their special day that took place on Shawn’s family estate.. it was perfectly planned and full of special moments!

As a wedding photographer, you find that you work with all different types of couples.  Each relationship you photograph is different, but each is always unique and special.  I was lucky enough to already “know” about Molly & Shawn’s relationship as I took engagement photos for them.  I had experienced what it was like being around them and I was so excited for their big day.  They both are generous, kind and loving individuals.  You can tell they have respect for one another and a bond that is very deep.  They are truly “good” at loving one another, so it was a honor to be the one that was allowed to document their day.

The sun shined bright and hot (thankfully hot weather doesn’t seem to phase me at all) their friends & family were kind, funny, & danced their socks off, and the food & drinks were aplenty.  There were lots of wonderful moments and memories made on their special day.  Thank you Molly & Shawn for being such an amazing couple to work with- can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the two of you!

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Molly & Shawn-15

Molly & Shawn-18

Molly & Shawn-65

Molly & Shawn-71

I loved how all of Molly’s bridesmaids helped with her dress!

Molly & Shawn-77a

Molly & Shawn-93

Molly’s mother in law- Renee, gave her a beautiful necklace.

Molly & Shawn-99

First look with Molly’s mom and dad.

Molly & Shawn-105a

Molly & Shawn-9

Molly & Shawn-36

Molly & Shawn-86
Molly & Shawn-7

Molly & Shawn-15

Molly & Shawn-36

Molly & Shawn-63

Loved how Shawn’s little nephew looked up at him 🙂

Molly & Shawn-69

Molly & Shawn-76

Molly & Shawn-90a

Molly & Shawn-100

Molly & Shawn-105

Molly & Shawn-129

One of their good friends had a drone and was able to get a really cool shot after the wedding ceremony (if you look really hard, you can see the drone in the trees).

Molly & Shawn-136

Molly & Shawn-24

Molly & Shawn-34

Molly & Shawn-36

Molly & Shawn-40a

Molly & Shawn-46

Molly & Shawn-48

Molly & Shawn-23

Molly & Shawn-35

Molly & Shawn-40a

Molly & Shawn-40c

Loved this moment from the mother/son dance!  What a happy mama 🙂

Molly & Shawn-84

Molly & Shawn-145

Molly & Shawn-168a

Molly & Shawn-201

Molly & Shawn-206

Molly & Shawn-220a

Molly & Shawn-252

Molly & Shawn-255

Molly & Shawn-386

Molly & Shawn-400

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