The Beauty in Nature



In all things of nature there is something marvelous. -Aristotle

There is nothing more gratifying than being asked to work on a project that A) is super meaningful to my client and B) involves me spending a beautiful fall afternoon on a 250 acre piece of property. This project was a Christmas gift for my client’s husband. Their home and their surrounding property has become a place where they love to spend the majority of their time (I can understand why— their place is beyond beautiful- I didn’t want to leave the day I was there photographing 🙂 ) They both have found their favorite places throughout the property and my client wanted me to photograph her husband’s special spots. She also wanted me to take some photos of their 14 dogs (mainly beagles). While they each have their favorites, all of their dogs are special to both of them.

Instead of using the photos to create a photo album, my client wanted to display the photos on a wall in their log cabin home. We worked together to create a wall collage (I even pulled out my old laptop from college and used AutoCad to scale the wall and help me figure out the design). Since their home is very rustic (log cabin), we decided that canvas prints would look the best. The final product consisted of 13 (11×14 canvases), 2 (16×24 canvases), 1 (20×30 canvas), and 1 (10×30 canvas). In the end, I didn’t get to see the wall in person, but I did hear from my client that she had successfully surprised her husband on Christmas Eve and that he loved his gift.

Below are a few of my favorites that I took of their property— hopefully they show off the beauty of this amazing 250 acre property.














7 Responses to “The Beauty in Nature”
  1. Krista says:

    Beautiful! I’d love to see a finished product of the whole display on the wall!

  2. Katie Roy says:

    I’ll have to show Brian your photos of the trees – he will love them! 🙂

  3. carol mcdaniel says:

    These pictures are beautiful! That place looks amazing. Love, Mama

  4. Debbie Winstead says:

    Very beautiful Lindsey! I am sure he was thrilled that you had captured this beautiful place in photos. Being a softie, the picture with the beagle is my favorite; just because that little pup is in it. ;o)

  5. Uncle Doug says:

    Such a beautiful place! Your pictures are gorgeous! Aunt Lynnie.

  6. Kathy Williams says:

    Lindsey, Your photographs always amaze me and I know the finished product is awesome. Mama Williams

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