Hello 2016? It’s Me.

Happy 2016.  I don’t know what I would have entitled my blog post this year if it wasn’t for Adele’s new song, “Hello.”  Thank you Adele 🙂

Now, where to start with a recap of 2015?!  On May 24th my husband I welcomed our first baby- Robert “Wesley.”  It has been a fun, tiring, incredible, frustrating, and exciting year with our little Wesley.  For someone who is scheduled oriented, a little OCD, and focused on figuring out the “why” in situations, this Mom has had to learn some new ways of going about life (for the better!).  Above is a recent photo of my little munchkin 🙂 (I am pretty obsessed with that smile and those dimples and those big brown eyes)

I hate to always put this same line in EVERY new year blog post, but yet again a BIG goal of mine this year is to actually share photos from my sessions on my blog.  I mean, that really is the point of such a site.  I think I might need you all to start calling me out if you don’t see any changes soon!  Other than that large goal, I am hoping 2016 will allow me to grow my business as much as I can as I juggle between being a mom and a photographer.  I am in search of balance as I love both jobs.  I am also focusing on using social media outlets to share my work.  I recently just started a new Instagram account for my equine photography work. My username is equinephotosbylindsey.  I tried to incorporate LifeExposed into my account name, but Instagram wouldn’t let me.  I think they believe I might be posting full nude photos or something.  Who knows.

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So, in hopes to keep my blog posting going, I am going to wrap this post up so I can start on the next one.  Cheers to 2016- I look forward to working with YOU this year!


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