Grandpa Jr & Baby Wesley- Our Last Great Memories

“Life brings tears, smiles & memories.  The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever.” ~Author Unknown

These are the last photos I took of my grandpa.  Obviously they are some of the most important images to me as this was the first time my son met him and the last time my son will ever see him.  It was incredibly special to me that Wesley was able to meet my grandpa- and even more so when Wesley sat in his lap and turned around and looked right at him (please note the striped bib overalls I bought him just to wear for the occasion- it was hotter than heck that day so I only left them on for a few photos!).  I hate that he will never be able to see his home that was full of antiques, play on the farm, eat under the Budweiser beer lights, see my grandpa wiggle his ears, complain about how hot it is in the winter when my grandpa cranks up the heat, complain about how hot it is in the summer with no AC, go fishing at one of his friend’s farm ponds, be offered a pinch of tobacco to try (although I am pretty sure Welsey got a taste of tobacco while sucking on my grandpa’s finger… see below), play euchre around the dining room table, experience my grandpa’s sense of humor and hear all of the stories that my grandpa use to tell.  It truly is hard to lose the ones that we love, but having these photos along with the million others I took of him really helps me in remembering who he was.  My Grandpa Jr was my all-time favorite subject and one that I miss dearly.  Thank you to all of those that enjoyed his photos- he sure was one of a kind.

Charles Owen McDaniel Jr.
May 18, 1927- April 4, 2016

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-1

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Grandpa Jr & Wesley-3

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-4

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-5

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-6

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-7

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-8

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-9

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-10

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-11

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-12

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-13

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-14

Grandpa Jr & Wesley-15

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