Anna Beavon

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna Beavon at my day job. We quickly became friends, so when Anna Beavon expressed a desire to get some head shots/portraits taken, I jumped at the opportunity.

I have always been envious of her style and her sophisticated look. I also have to admit, she was someone I thought would be fun to photograph (I guess when you are a photographer, you begin to look at people, objects, landscapes, etc. and wonder how and what it would be like to photograph them). I ended up being right.. she was an absolute blast to photograph and very much a natural in front of the camera.

I hope she enjoys these photos as much as I do!

7 Responses to “Anna Beavon”
  1. anna costa says:

    awesome as usual…really captured her beauty:) love getting your blog posts!!

  2. Ashlin Gravely says:

    My gosh – who beautiful! But, I have come to expect this from Lindsey. She is an outstanding photographer – her artistry is unmatched. I never tire of seeing people through her lens.

  3. Ashlin Gravely says:

    Opps – typed too fast. I meant to say “how” beautiful. 😉

  4. Debbie Winstead says:

    Beautiful young woman! I especially love the first pic of her in the green top. What lips!! ;o)
    I always get excited when I know you have posted new pics. Another job well done!

  5. Mary Todd says:

    Great job, Lindsey!

  6. Kathy Williams says:

    Loved the black and white shots. Makes you wonder what she’s thinking. Great job!

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